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Mark Francom is an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner with over 13 years of clinical practice and a strong academic background. He holds a Master’s degree from Idaho State University, which he completed in 2011, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, earned in 2020.

Throughout his career, Mark has demonstrated a commitment to serving under-served populations. He participated in the National Health Service Corps, providing essential care in both Chicago and Show Low, Arizona.

Mark’s professional journey has included diverse experiences in family practice, mental health, and aesthetics. Outside of his work, Mark is a proud father of four children. Together, they enjoy traveling, reading, and sports. Additionally, they have a shared family business, which specializes in crafting unique concrete tables.

Mark’s dedication to clinical excellence, combined with his academic achievements and community service, showcase a multi-faceted professional with a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others.


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“Semaglutide for only $250 your first month people’s !!! That is the most affordable ozempic or Wegovy alternative in Utah. Suzanne and Mark are simply the best when you are looking for support on your weight loss journey . They compound theirs with b12 I believe and that helps with any GI issues . It was a quick in and out visit for my meds already drawn. It’s nice having a supportive team like these two during my weight loss journey . We definitely have shared a few laughs ! Highly recommend!”

Whitney Z.

“Iris is amazing. The client services and personal attention are outstanding and everyone truly goes out of their way to understand your needs and offer the best services available.”

Chelsea N.

“Mark was recommended to me after I was complaining about not feeling like anyone I was currently seeing actually cared , it’s really nice to have someone who actually listens”

Travis T.

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